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ATA Series VoIP Gateway

Essence ATA series are Residential Gateway equipped with 1/2 FXS, FXO, PSTN ports, one 10/100 BaseTX Fast Ethernet WAN Port, and one 10/100 BaseTX Fast Ethernet Lan Ports. With the integration of both voice and data, the Essence ATA series offer ability to route data information into network solution. In addition to standard NAT router function services, end-users are enabled with low-cost long-distance calling by using Voice over IP technology.


The Essence ATA series have voice support that include Quality of Service(QoS), voice compression, echo cncellation, dynamic latency(jitter) buffers, silence, suppression, and comfort noise generation.


the Essence ATA series are compatible with xDSL and Cable-Modem Broadband service providers with built-in support for DHCP Client, MAC Address Cloning, PPPoE, Bridge mode and multiple auto-provisioning methods. For Internet connection sharing in your home the Essence ATA series offer support for up to 253 IP devices. Services offerede to the internal home network are DHCP Server, Network  Address Translation(NAT). Because the Essence ATA series share your single ISP IP address, it masks the local users' IP addresses from the outside world, preventing intruders and hackers from gaining access to network resources, data files or personal information.





£»ATA Introduction & Spec 

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Key Features



¡DSupport 1/2 simultaneous VoIP Calls

¡DSupport QoS for VoIP, Bandwidth Control(Traffic shaping)

¡DCompliant with SIP/H.323 VoIP standard

¡DExtensible by external IVR/CDR/Billing servers for value-added aplication

¡DSupport register up to 4 SIP servers/atekeepers

¡DSupport provision System

¡DSupport Auto Provision function by Push Button/Time intorval/Power on

¡DSupport world wide off net call by ITSP service

¡DSupport Multiple dialing plan/Call hunting group

¡DAdaptive Jitter Buffer function

¡DMultiple call profile for adjust VAD, Audio CODEC, H.245 tunneling, DTMF in/Out band, FAX relay, Frame Size, Q.931, Fast Start parameters.



¡DSupport static and dynamic IP from DHCP, PPPoE, Bridge mode

¡DBuilt-in DHCP Server

¡DSuport TCP/UDP Port Mapping(Local Server Mapping)

¡DSupport User-definable Static Routing Table

¡DSupport Network Access Rules(LAN-toWAN & WAN-to-LAN)

¡DSelf-Protection against DoS Attacks

¡DDynamic DNS Support




Ordering Information




1 FXS VoIP Router 


1FXS 1FXO VoIP Router


1 FXS 1PSTN VoIP Router 


2 FXS VoIP Router 


2 FXS 1FXO VoIP Router 


Essence reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. All brand names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.



10F., No.100-1, Minquan Rd., Xindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


TEL:  886-2-8219-3636

E-mail: sales@essti.com


FAX: 886-2-8219-1212


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