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EIG Series VoIP Gateway

EIG series VoIP gateway is a smart and multi-functional VoIP gateway. EIG gateway can connect to traditional PBX to be the terminal equipment for government, enterprises or schools for remote IP PBX. EIG has five standard configurations: 8 FXS ports, 8 FXO ports, 4 FXS ports, 4 FXO ports and 4FXS/FXO ports. EIG carries the high performance, high voice quality and high capability just like other VoIP product of Essence Technology. In hardware design, EIG series use the built-in hardware platform and DSP.

EIG is based on the embedded Linux operating system. With its powerful hardware platform and flexible software design, EIG can meet various voice application requirements. EIG supports a variety of supplementary services which include Caller ID, Call Forward, and Call Waiting, as well as many distinguishing features which include Routing Selection, RADIUS Billing Interface, 2nd Stage Dialing, and DTMF. EIG series support SIP and MGCP, and is an ideal gateway for VoIP connection and IP PBX application.

EIG supports both web-based and text-based configuration setup. Users can remotely upgrade the EIG software, change the configuration parameters, download log files, and collect gateway performance data by using the Essence's Element Management System (EMS).

One main challenge of purchasing new IP-based voice equipments is how to protect your investment. EIG not only offers the best cost-effectiveness but also supports the latest VoIP technologies and standards. Users can take advantages of the newest VoIP technologies by upgrading EIG software.





EIG Introduction
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Key Features


The Ideal Gateway for IP-PBX in SMB or SOHO

High Voice Quality

Auto Routing between IP and PSTN, and Life Line Features

Auto Dialing, RADIUS Billing Interface, and more Magnificent Features

Advanced VoIP Technologies Including SIP/MGCP Protocols, iLBC, and Voice Encryption



Ordering Information


SIP Gateway (4 FXO / 4 FXS / 4 FXO, 4 FXS / 8 FXS)


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