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Examples of WebCall

Only with Essence IP PBX WebCall Server function and a computer with network can enjoy toll free web page phone calls worldwide.

ˇ· Apply to toll free Customer service hotline
Essence WebCall can replace the traditional 0800 free call.
In order to serve customers, many companies provide 0800 free call for customers. However, companies are inevitable to pay large amount of communication costs.
Essence WebCall can replace some parts of customer service. Companies only have to add the WebCall icon, and the icon can lead customers to talk to customer service members. Essence IP PBX has VoIP and ACD functions that can integrate with switchboard, so that the customer service members can answer calls from the telephone set. Moreover, this intranet calls is totally free for companies no matter how many calls from customers. Companies also do not have to buy expensive WebCall Server or Call Center Server, and can provide services to customers fast and easy.

ˇ· Apply to official industries
Essence WebCall can apply to industries/organizations. When browsing the website, if users have any question, they can contact the industries/organizations immediately in order to save time and avoid arguments. Official organizations or peopleˇ¦s representatives can use this service to create hotlines.

ˇ· Apply to e-Commerce
With the boom of network, e-commerce is a new trend. However, unlike the traditional shops having friendly sales to introduce products, sellers and buyers cannot face to face, and sellers can only describe their products in writing. In a trade, many issues occur such as questions about the products, order problem, method of payment, after-sale services and so on. These are difficult to write thoroughly, and need to talk. With WebCall, customers can ask sellers at once. Sellers wonˇ¦t miss any chance and earn more income.

ˇ· Apply to restaurant / B&B reservation
The restaurants can offer convenient on-line reservation. When customers have questions, they can directly talk to the restaurant.
B&B reservation: Recently, Taiwan have two days off in a week, and more and more people have a short holiday in these two days. Many villages, parks, leisure farms, sea beaches are full of people during holidays. In order to meet the need, many websites introduce excellent B&B. However, when tourists want to reserve a room, it is difficult to reach the master of the B&B. With a click of WebCall icon, tourists can reach to the masterˇ¦s mobile and confirm if there is any room left.

ˇ· Apply to bank industry
WebCall can apply to the services in bank. It can categorize clearly for clients to ask on-line. Many banks use IVR system to guide customers. However, it could take a lot of time and event cut off the call. WebCall can solve this issue. Clients on the web can directly click the information or services they need to reach what they want immediately.

ˇ· Apply to estate agent or direct-sale
Estate agents, insurance brokers or direct-sale salesmen are often out of office, and hard to contact. Moreover, calling to mobile phones are too expensive so that clients do not wish to do. With Essence WebCall, any calls from the web can directly transfer to mobile phones or any other communication systems. Sales do not have to worry missing any business opportunities.

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